Monday, February 28, 2011


I really need to keep up on my blog.  I spend so much time with my own private diary and facebook.  I never get to this but I am going to try to really start up on this, I hope.  So, France has been amazing so far.  My life has been journey and there have been lots of obstacles.  The french language is difficult but if you try the french are really understanding and are willing to help.  I just got back from vacationing in the Alps.  I took private lessons on skiing and now I can skii on level blue and make down red hills if i make 'grande village'- french term.  The alps were amazing and pictures are posted on facebook. 

I have been surprised by the people that stay in contact with me.  I have been blessed with great friend here in France and back in my home town.  My friends and I send letters constantly and it really is the best way.  There is something personal about recieving a letter.  I love it and I have a growing collection.  It's my most prized possession that I have gained in France.  So if you are reading this because you are going abroad.  Talk to your friends about how important a letter would be to you and get skype.  It's a life saver and if your going to France skype me.  Find me on facebook and we can exchange info.

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