Monday, February 28, 2011


I really need to keep up on my blog.  I spend so much time with my own private diary and facebook.  I never get to this but I am going to try to really start up on this, I hope.  So, France has been amazing so far.  My life has been journey and there have been lots of obstacles.  The french language is difficult but if you try the french are really understanding and are willing to help.  I just got back from vacationing in the Alps.  I took private lessons on skiing and now I can skii on level blue and make down red hills if i make 'grande village'- french term.  The alps were amazing and pictures are posted on facebook. 

I have been surprised by the people that stay in contact with me.  I have been blessed with great friend here in France and back in my home town.  My friends and I send letters constantly and it really is the best way.  There is something personal about recieving a letter.  I love it and I have a growing collection.  It's my most prized possession that I have gained in France.  So if you are reading this because you are going abroad.  Talk to your friends about how important a letter would be to you and get skype.  It's a life saver and if your going to France skype me.  Find me on facebook and we can exchange info.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pastry from Heaven

After school today, Tara and I went to this little bakery.  I could tell that the cashier was having fun with our terrible french but it was all good.  Anyways, we went back to my house with our 2 pastries each.  I took a bite out of mine and i think i died a little.  I don't even know how to explain it.  It was like peanut butter mixed together with french vanilla but that doesn't even begin to describe it.  I want another one lol. 

Notre Dame

Okay so i am not going to lie but i am pretty proud of my photographic talent right now lol!

Seine River

Couples who come to Paris to get married, or on their honeymoon, and so on come here and attach lockets to the bridges over the seine river.  It is a sight to behold.  I did not know that people did that.  I was amazed.

Monday, September 13, 2010

No matter where you go you can find a McDonalds and in my case a little piece of home.


I had my first day of school.  It was really hard but i made it.  There were diffenentaly some bumps on the way.  I started out in the Science program.  I had all science and math classes.  These included Chemisty 1 and 2 and physics.  I hadn't even had these classes in English yet.  Not only that but I am an art and literature girl.  Thankfully by the end of the day, I got switched to the L program.  The only problem now is that I am never on the teachers roaster.  The beginning of class is always fun jkjk.

I made it!

I made it to France but it was a long journey.  First, I had my flight from Detroit to Philly.  It was a 2 hour flight and it was probably the smallest aircraft i have ever been on.  There was this guy infront of me that was a little crazy.  He was like the spaceship has lifted and then the spaceship has landed.  I was having a blast (pun intended) listening to this guy lol. 
In philly, I had a three hour layover.  They said that they had free wifi connection through out the terminal.  That was a big fat lie.  I had to walk like a mile to get it in the terminal. 
The flight to Paris was 7 hours.  The chairs went froma 90 degree angle to a 95 degree angle.  Let's just say, Haley was not a happy person when it was 3 a.m her time.  When I arrived, it took forever to get my luggage.  I was really scared that it would not come.  Thankfully it did.  I of course had no idea who or where my host family was.  I just prayed to god someone was there.  I looked out and there was a piece of paper with my name on it.  I sigh in relief but only for a moment.  From the little french I knew, I began to understood that they were not my host family.  I did not have one and i was just staying with this rotary guy till they found one for me.  I was little frustrated.  Here i was exhausted, needing a shower, and a place to call home.  Ugh, it was not good. 
Mark(this rotary guy) took me to Paris.  It was really nice and I appreciated it.  I wish that I had not been a walking zombie.  We saw the the big arch but that is all i remember.  I passed out in the car on our back to reims.
Thankfully, they found me a family that night after the rotary dinner.  I live in a beautiful home and i really like it here. 
Thank you to everyone that made it happen!