Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Beginning

Hey everybody, if you are reading this you probably already know me. In case you don't, my name is haley. My best friends know my true middle name lol. I am writing this because I want to record my experiences for my months abroad in France, and because i was peer pressured to do it. Thanx guys!

Anyways, today I found out that I will staying in Reims France and going to school at lycee Jean Jaures school. It is the artsy school of the 2 public schools in the district. I am so excited cause I play flute and I love orchestra. I am a total band geek to the core.

So, that is what I know now and I will continue this threw out the year. So thanx for reading!

P.S. Melissa be Nice or i will not send you French Manga if there is such a thing :)

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