Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crazy Week

This week has been crazy.  It started off with getting the invoice for my ticket.  It was 2,600.00 dollars!  Fletcher went to Peru for 2,500 dollars figure that.  Anyways, I was a few hundred dollars short so I went around to the local businesses and asked for donations.  I recieved 200 dollars and counting.  With that I had more than enough thank goodness.  Then I had to send this paper thing to Emily but her fax machine was down and my scanner was broken.  Then my debit card would not work so I had to over night my check which I am still waiting to see if she got.  I just emailed her so cross your fingers.  Let's just say I was a little frustrated with the whole situation.  That is the update as of right now.  I have my passport, visa, insurance, plane ticket(paid for hopefully but it is issued), and a really big suitcase.  Bring it on France lol :)

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